• Talking about sex

    Posted at 14.03.2019
    First off, quality sex, the one both partners appreciate, is one convened by the both of you, set between certain limitations. How else can you get to such an understanding if not by communication? You need to talk to your girlfriend, wife or lover, about what you must avoid doing, what she wouldn’t like happening, and so on.
  • Sadomasochistic instincts

    Posted at 07.03.2019
    I’m talking about the inner desires that each of us experience when we faced with a naked woman, because it’s men I’m referring to now. Most of the times, a man will prefer to dominate and control the sexual games thanks to his masculine instincts.
  • Porn is bad for your health

    Posted at 28.02.2019
    Right, I’m talking about the whole porn industry, the pornographic content that you find on the internet in abundance. One of the most popular industries at the moment, pornography has become very profitable, and more than this, it satisfied a need. A sexual one.
  • Women are kinkier that you think

    Posted at 20.02.2019
    For all this time, we have gotten used to the image of the quiet and dutiful women, but that’s far from reality. In the minds of many, it’s men that are perverts, filthy and obscene. But what if I told you that everyone else is wrong? Actually, women are at the very least as perverted as men. And it’s not even that hard to notice it. You just need to know here to look.
  • The essence of foreplay

    Posted at 13.02.2019
    Quality foreplay Foreplay has become an art, especially when we’re talking about women. For them, what matters the most is the tenderness and sweetness of their partners. To be gradually aroused to a state of paroxysm. Indeed, there are women, nymphos to be more precise, who couldn’t give a flying fuck about foreplay. Fucking is of the essence.
  • How to revive a dead marriage

    Posted at 07.02.2019
    Divorce has become a routine I never quite understood the way people get married with their girlfriend after a few months or even weeks of relationship. Even more, I’ve heard about fucktards who have taken the vows with their chosen one after a few days of getting to know each other. Only to divorce a few months later. Which is anything but a surprise, really.
  • Women are mysterious animals

    Posted at 30.01.2019
    We’ve conquered space, we’ve reached the darkest depths of the Earth’s oceans, and we’ve even made plans of colonizing other planets in the galaxy. Nonetheless, there’s one mystery that we seem unable to elucidate once and for all. It keeps haunting us as the memory of that time when our parents caught us beating our meat on some classy vintage porn back in the 90s. It’s not just me, right?
  • The art of fucking everything that moves

    Posted at 23.01.2019
    I know, I know, you don’t need no women-related advices. Nobody really needs any advice. And then you go out to get yourself a bear from around the corner and stumble across 14 wankers and 8 virgins along the way. Fortunately for you, I’m not here to judge. I want to lend you a hand. Not that type of hand, though. I’m pretty sure you can get that job done by yourself with the two hands you already possess.
  • Things you must experience in sex

    Posted at 15.01.2019
    Taboos are unacceptable Think about it this way: you only have one life to live and it’s extremely limited. Do you really believe it’s worth setting yourself limits where you don’t have to? When it comes to sex, I believe self-imposed taboos are a huge waste. Exceptions are the cases that fall under the law’s jurisdiction, obviously.
  • Cheating on your woman behind her back

    Posted at 09.01.2019
    Polygamy is natural I know what you’re thinking. You think I’m a fucking degenerate for teaching people how to cheat on their partners. But that’s because you don’t keep your mind open. Here’s how things are from my perspective.



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