• Love at first sight

    Posted at 25.02.2020
    What is love at first sight? I’m talking about that moment when you first meet the woman of your dreams and realize destiny’s smiling upon you. You haven’t even talked to her and already you’ve realized she’s the one. Undoubtedly, you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Does that happen in reality? Surely, if we’re talking about some people’s romantic naivete, because that’s what it is – proof of immaturity and brashness. Most of the time, such “relationships”, if we can call them thus, are doomed to break apart.
  • The attraction of fetishes

    Posted at 17.02.2020
    What are fetishes? According to the definition, a fetish implies abnormal sexual arousal or interest in an external object, like a pair of glasses. Cosplaying is another type of fetish, where arousal appears once a person sees someone else dressed in those specific clothes. Like I said earlier, glasses are a well-known sexual element because they illustrate the image of a nerdy woman with no sexual experience. It appeals to a man’s inner desire to control and teach women. The simple observation of glasses produces sexual arousal in a man with this fetish.
  • How to win over any woman

    Posted at 10.02.2020
    What defines women? To become a Don Juan who appeals to women, you need to know what to expect from them. You won’t have too many successes if you can’t talk to women at all or if you have no idea what makes them tick. All you need to know revolves around one simple idea – women are emotional beings through and through. They’re opposite to us men, in that we’re more rational and pragmatic.
  • How to keep a tight leash on your woman

    Posted at 03.02.2020
    Your woman will take advantage if given the opportunity How many times have you heard about stories where a man was too permissive and tolerant, and his woman would manipulate him? Perhaps you’ve seen it in person – she would even mock him in certain cases. This happens because a man has a weak enough character and he’s too permissive. Women tend to take advantage if you let it slide for too long. If you don’t keep her in a tight leash, you’ll soon have to deal with an angry monster making your life a living hell.
  • Men who are successful with women

    Posted at 28.01.2020
    What does being successful with women means? Some would say that being successful with women implies countless sexual experiences with as many women as possible. Some would argue that it’s the ability to impress and persuade women that you’re the best of the best. The truth falls right in the middle – a man who can handle women knows how to talk and approach them to get what he wants. Generally, it’s about sex.
  • How can you fuck any woman?

    Posted at 21.01.2020
    How can you fuck any woman? Admit it that you’ve asked yourself this question at one point in the past. You notice a foxy woman with a hot body, and you think to yourself – how can I fuck someone like that? Clearly, you didn’t trust yourself enough in attempting to persuade someone of that level into eating from your palm. Or, more precisely, to let herself be fucked like a filthy whore for a few hours. Most men silently crave after various women they meet though they don’t indulge in their desires because of principles or incapability.
  • Easy women

    Posted at 14.01.2020
    What are we dealing with? Today’s topic revolves around easy women, a phenomena that’s worth mulling over. Regarding romanticism and sexual life, an easy woman won’t uphold the same conventional rules everyone else does, like fidelity and monogamy. She cares for entirely different things.
  • How to capitalize on your masculinity

    Posted at 05.01.2020
    Establish a main goal If your goal is to conquer a woman, then focus all your efforts in that direction. Dig all the information related to your romantic interest, and find out what she likes and doesn’t like. The next step is devising an attack strategy. In essence, you need to count all your weapons and see if you’ve got what it takes to succeed. Are you self-confident enough to talk to her? What are you going to talk to her about, and most importantly, how will you keep the interest alive?
  • The phenomenon of feminist men

    Posted at 30.12.2019
    Less than noble motivations If you’d ask a feminist man why he supports the feminist movement, he’s serve you the ethically justified rhetoric about misogyny and discrimination that bar women’s lives. He does it because he’s a social justice warrior, ready to help the poor women that are overwhelmed by the toxic masculinity of the patriarchy. Nice rhetoric, I’ll say that.
  • Romantic difficulties

    Posted at 23.12.2019
    Romantic inaptitude There are some men out there, biologically speaking, who have no idea how to impress or attract a woman’s attention. The rank of Homo Sapiens is wasted on them, which says a lot about them. I’m talking about the involuntary celibates who swear on the Bible and the American constitution that women are conspiring against fucking them. Not just women though, but the whole Universe concocted a perfidious plan to keep them virgins and unloved. They’re innocent lambs, victims of the Providence.



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