• Size doesn't matter as much as you think

    Posted at 16.05.2019
    A big dick is awesome, but not essential The length of your reproductive organ isn’t that important as long as it’s within normal parameters, so that it satisfies a woman. However, in general, a woman will feel maximal pleasure if her partner has a normal cock. So, stop measuring or bemoaning it if you’re a couple of centimeters short from the ideal length.
  • How to gain a woman's appreciation

    Posted at 08.05.2019
    An undying dilemma I am fairly sure that many of us have had, at some point, periods of time when we asked ourselves what exactly we can to do let her know we appreciate her. Or, in any case, how to make your interest and affection felt to an exponent of the female species.
  • Myths about women that you believe as well

    Posted at 02.05.2019
    The truth behind the curtains We’ve been living alongside women for millennia, and we still haven’t got to know their true nature. This intrigues us a lot, so much that we’ve written treaties on the subject, and we even have experts in psychology that are still dissecting the feminine nature with the precision of a scalpel. Despite all this, it seems we still can’t reach a consensus. We’re still struggling to understand what makes women tick, and we’re still mislead by the discrepancy between what we believe they want, and what they really want.
  • How to have sex like a porn star

    Posted at 23.04.2019
    The path to being a supreme stud As a man, you probably have a plethora of fantasies about how you fuck anything that moves, and how you destroy the most beautiful pussies in the world. It’s alright, that’s an innate trait of us men. Despite all this, we all know that this isn’t how things turn out to be in reality. And perhaps you’ve ended up being envious of the perfect male specimens that you see in porn movies.
  • Sex is different for women

    Posted at 15.04.2019
    Masculine simplicity versus feminine complexity As a man, you already know how easy it is to reach a climax. Annoyingly easy, we could say. The fact that we’re predisposed to an early orgasm after barely 10 seconds of sex is an upsetting aspect for 3rd millennium males. But, come to think of it, it’s an evolutionary biologic advantage. In a social context where the transmission of genes separates the winners from the losers, being capable of swift copulation was a perk. Of course, these times where we fought for food with stone clubs and slingshots are long gone.
  • How to please your woman

    Posted at 05.04.2019
    The way to a woman’s heart Firstly, you need to understand that women function differently than men. Although we belong to the same species, we couldn’t be more different from each other. We have different principles and values. Men tend to be more cerebral, more rational, while women are more sentimental and affectionate. What I’m yammering about here is that you shouldn’t use reason to understand how a woman thinks. That’s because a woman doesn’t use her mind in her daily life. She uses her heart.
  • I got bored with my wife

    Posted at 28.03.2019
    What do you do when you’re not attracted to your wife anymore? You’d be amazed to find out how often that happens. It’s a pretty common phenomenon, actually, especially in the cases of long-standing relationships. The chances go up exponentially if you’ve gotten married too soon and you didn’t have a chance to know each other. It happens, indeed, more than you’d expect. The imbeciles who barely know each other for a month, decide to get a hold of the rings, marry, most likely with a kid on the way, and in less than a year, they break up.
  • What women think

    Posted at 21.03.2019
    Women aren’t what they seem If you think you know what women think or want, you’re dead wrong. Unlike men, a woman’s mind is much more sinister and obscene. At least, we’re straightforward – we don’t beat around the bush because we lack the self-esteem to hide our shortcomings. That isn’t the case with women.
  • Talking about sex

    Posted at 14.03.2019
    First off, quality sex, the one both partners appreciate, is one convened by the both of you, set between certain limitations. How else can you get to such an understanding if not by communication? You need to talk to your girlfriend, wife or lover, about what you must avoid doing, what she wouldn’t like happening, and so on.
  • Sadomasochistic instincts

    Posted at 07.03.2019
    I’m talking about the inner desires that each of us experience when we faced with a naked woman, because it’s men I’m referring to now. Most of the times, a man will prefer to dominate and control the sexual games thanks to his masculine instincts.



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