• Why women prefer strong men

    Posted at 21.08.2019
    Nature dictates physical attraction All evidence points out to one conclusion – women are naturally attracted to masculine men who emanate self-confidence. The kind of men who trust their own abilities and show self-discipline. In other words, it all revolves around the biological and psychological make-up, the result of many relationships until now, and the way men and women have interrelated for millennia.
  • What kind of women men prefer

    Posted at 12.08.2019
    A quiet and reasonable woman No man wants a woman who fucks with his mind constantly because he forgot to buy something from the market. We don’t need that stress in our lives, and we’d be glad if it wasn’t there for a change. This is why we have reminding apps or morning alarms, to keep us in the game. Most of the times, a man is aware of his mistakes, and he doesn’t need any reminding. Or worse, pestering.
  • What is quality sex

    Posted at 03.08.2019
    Do you want to become a god of sex? It’s not hard, as long as you know how to treat any woman in such a way that she actively wants to sleep with you. You need to possess knowledge about the art of sex but to also know what techniques to apply and how to apply them. Any woman looking for sex will want to spend a night with you, only if you know how to treat her.
  • How to talk to women

    Posted at 25.07.2019
    With a lot of courage and initiative You often hear men saying that they simply didn’t have the guts to approach a woman. Or a woman saying that the guy she was eyeing didn’t have the courage to approach her. Why? Simple enough, because a beautiful woman is intimidating to most men.
  • Sexual attraction towards the opposite sex

    Posted at 18.07.2019
    Masculinity equal to sexuality For a man, his attractiveness is directly determined by the level of masculinity that he emanates on the outside. Evidently, we’re talking about opposite-sex attraction. The more self-confident and individualized a man is, the more women will swarm around him, drooling at the perspective of being fucked wildly by him.
  • How to love a woman

    Posted at 11.07.2019
    With patience and attention It’s not a secret that a woman tends to become jealous or possessive with her partner, even if she doesn’t have any real reasons to. This is simply a natural predilection of women and, from a certain perspective, it is understandable. Anyway, a woman will always want her partner to focus only on her.
  • How to win over a woman

    Posted at 04.07.2019
    Using willpower and a spirit of initiative Most women expect a man to take the initiative, even if they’re interested in you. That’s how things work. You can either adapt to the situation or become more and more intimate to your right hand. Should you choose to take it into your own hands, the situation I mean, then well done, you’ve just made the first and most important step in conquering a woman.
  • How to understand women

    Posted at 28.06.2019
    Not by using reason, that much is clear The woman is a slightly different entity when it comes to her thought process. Her brain functions differently than a man’s. In what way? Well, first off, a woman tends to care more about the emotional appreciation of something, instead of the rational and logical one.
  • Women who are attracted to sensitive guys

    Posted at 19.06.2019
    Women and sensitive guys Yeah, there is no such thing. Only a temporary fluke. This is nothing but a myth supported either by the women who don’t realize what they truly want or, unsurprisingly, by the very sensitive men in question.
  • Couple perversion

    Posted at 12.06.2019
    There’s no way you didn’t imagine sometimes how sex would be like once you and your partner were happily married. Maybe you’ve already went past that stage, and now you want to experiment more… arousing and exciting things, let’s say.



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